Miseye A/C Water Department
P.O. Box 1
Matshau Tribal Office

Dear Sir / Madam

Recommendation letter of water

We as the department of water under Mashau Civic which include Miseyhe A/C, we recommend that ; the project which is coming to install water at Phinimini Primary School is allowed to do so.

We shall be happy if our recommendation should be taken into consideration.

Yours faithful:

1. Chairperson of Water Department

2.Secretary of Miseyhe A/C Civic

3.Chairperson of Miseyhe A/C Civic

Martin Walker
DAP Co-ordinator
The Australian High Commission

Dear Sir

RE :Installation of borehole,tank and security fencing.Ref D A P 469/2000

1.The above mentioned matter refers
2.We wish to heartily thank you for the project as mentioned above.
3.Your assistance came at a very appropriate time when we needed it the most.
4.We definitely promise that our school environment ( gardening, flowers, ornamentary trees, buildings etc.) would improve and be conducive to learning.
5.The Community of this area, particularly learners and the staff would benefit a lot from your project.
6.Any further assistance will be highly appreciated.
7.Thank you once more.

Yours Sincerely
Madau M.S.


The Secretary
Water for Schools Project
P.O. Box 1437
Vorster Street no21
Louis Trichart

Dear Ms Parkin


Your letter dated 14 March 2002 refers.

The Department of Water Affairs & Forestry (DWAF) acknowledges and appreciates the Water for School's initiative, which is a valued contribution to the improvement of lives and upliftment of rural communities. Provision of water to schools and communities is a challenge that the Government is facing, hence partnership between Government and Non Governmental Organisations is crucial to ensure that development of rural communities gets the urgent attention required.

The DWAF endorses the Water for Schools Project. It is in line with departmental objectives and it also compliments the Water Education Programme (WEP) that the DWAF, Directorate Water Conservation is implementing.

Water Education Programme is a school's based water awareness programme, which is aimed at increasing awareness to the youth in schools

about water scarcity in our country. The importance and value of water and also to empower the youth with knowledge and skills that will enable them to use water efficiently. The youth has been identified as the primary recipient group because they are the future leaders and communities of our country, and they play a vital role in changing the mindset of communities. The DWAF is implementing the WEP in the 9 provinces.

The DWAF head office will facilitate a meeting between your organisation and the WEP regional co-ordinator in the Limpopo province, with the purpose of exploring a partnership with your organisation. Time frames will be confirmed with you. Attached hereto are documents that will give you detailed information about the WEP i.e. (summarised document about the programme, 1999-2000 review report, draft resource pack for educators and South African Youth Water Prize booklet)

George Mbulaheni Secondary School

De Beers Fund
P.O. Box 61593

Dear Mrs Henry

Grant received from De Beers for water project

On behalf of the learners, staff, Governing Body and parents of this school, I would like to thank you and your organisation for the wonderful helping hand you have extended to us. Without this grant from De Beers we would never have been able to afford to install our own water supply!

The work with drilling the borehole went a little bit slowly after our application because we were waiting to hear if there is someone who can help to fund us. At the school we quite quickly put our R10 000,00 deposit together because we are desperate for water. We paid the deposit to Parkin Air Drills. Then we heard that De Beers was going to help us with the balance of the money. We were so happy.

Parkin Air Drills have now finished the borehole and put 2 x 5000 litre tanks on stands of 4,5m. They have also connected the new system to our ablution block and put 4 drinking taps in the grounds for the learners. The electricity supply to the pump is also connected and working to fill the tanks automatically. We are very, very, happy! Think you!

As you have requested, we send the Grade 12 results to you as soon as they are available

Water on our premises will make our life much easier now. We have been gathering building material for the past two years to try and erect four more classrooms. So far we have managed to buy 20 000 bricks. We cannot wait until the Department helps us because there are too many needy schools in our Province for the Department to deal with. Maybe we will be able to do the building at the beginning of next year especially if we can get a little more help

from some companies. We are also looking at maybe building with "stop~ nonsense" for a cheaper and quicker solution to our problem. We are presently waiting for quotations from N T Contractors in Louis Trichardt.

Our learners are going to be requested to dig a vegetable garden and plant it so that the vegetables can be sold to the surrounding community. The funds from those sales will also go into our building fund.

As we are trying by all means to add to our building fund, we have decided that we will not hold a big celebration party for our new water installation. We feel that any money spent on a party could rather be better utilised for new classrooms. We would, however, like to have a small tea party at school with your company s representatives, so that we can convey our thanks and appreciation personally. Please can you let us know when we can expect a visit from your company so that we can arrange to have representatives from Parkin Air Drills there too on that day.

Thank you again for your generous help so that we may have constant clean water at our school for our learners and staff.

Yours faithfully

Mrs T F Phupheli