N.B. Quotation worked out on an approximate 65m drilling depth. All prices include VAT.
No. Description Price
1. Drilling plus casing - water guaranteed
R34 800,00

Fully installed and equipped electric submersible pump
appropriate pumping capacity subject to water supply -
complete with class 10 HDP piping, couplings, starter motor,
cable and base plate. Including armored electrical cable
from borehole to nearest power source plus circuit breaker
and automatic float levl switch connected in reservoir.
R14 200,00

4-6m steel stand for storage reservoirs plus 2 x 5 000 litre or
1 x 10 000 litre reservoir/s (subject to terrain), mounted on
concrete footings. Labour included.
R35 000,00

Inlet and outlet piping plus fittings, including 2 x 2 drinking
taps mounted in concrete stands and trenching of piping.
Borehole pump covered with lockable steel cage.
R7 500,00
5. Transport
R8 500,00
6. Signage
R2 200,00
7. Administration
R2 500,00
R92 700,00
Quotation valid for 90 days.

Applying school is responsible for the first R12 000,00 of the above quotation.

The following costs are included in the above quotation:

  • All labour, including temporary local labour hired at each Project site.
  • Co-ordinator's time which includes visiting schools, liasing with ESCOM, various Governmental departments and sponsors when necessary and supplying comprehensive report back with visuals.
  • Sponsors advertising signage on tank stand.