The Manager
Water for Schools Project
P.O. Box 1437

Dear Sir

Requests received from schools

We of Phinimini School Governing Body are hereby requesting assistance from you.

The reason for such request are as follows:
1. We do not have any water for the learners to drink.
2.We do not have a feeding scheme, so this interrupts classes as children have to travel a long distance to fetch water.
3.Again we rely on the school garden to fund raise so, we need plenty of water in order to develop ourselves.

So your water projects is highly welcomed as we are looking for projects of that nature.

We shall be very grateful if application could be taken into consideration.

Thanking you in anticipation:
Secretary: F.E. Sirembe
Chairperson: M.J. Mugovhani

The Manager
Water for Schools Project
P.O. Box 1437

Matters I.R.D. Water supply: Phinimini Primary School

1.This is to certify that the said school is situated at Mashau at Misevite (Kruisfontein) Ward - Ward 16 of Makhado Municipality

2.The school is without running water - the poor pupil use to carry water plastic containers from their homes for drinking purposes for the period of five years back.

3.Mashau Territorial Council is giving the approval for the school to participate in your project.

4.Your positive attention will be appreciated

Chief / Chairperson